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Past News and Events

New SIPRI papers on the proliferation challenges associated with transfers of software and technology and 3D printing

SIPRI is pleased to announce the publication of two new papers, entitled ‘The challenge of software and technology transfers to non-proliferation efforts: Implementing and complying with export controls’ and ‘The challenge of emerging technologies to non-proliferation efforts: Controlling additive manufacturing and intangible transfers of technology’.

Peacekeeping reform: Making UN peace operations more fit for purpose

This event will look at UN peacekeeping reform by focusing on the topics of gender mainstreaming, the safety and security of peacekeepers and the UN’s peacekeeping budget.

SIPRI hosts expert discussion on the future of the Iran nuclear deal

On 28 March, SIPRI convened a panel of experts to discuss the fate of the Iran nuclear deal – formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) – in light of US President Donald J. Trump’s recent ultimatum to withdraw the United States from the accord.

The art of keeping a deal: Can Europe save the JCPOA?

The discussion will bring together distinguished experts from the United States, Europe and Iran to provide their insights on the current situation and to assess potential consequences for transatlantic relations as well as for regional stability in the Middle East.

SIPRI releases Annual Review 2017

SIPRI releases its Annual Review 2017, looking back on the institute’s highlights from the previous year.