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Past News and Events

SIPRI joins Lancet–SIGHT Commission meeting on effects of COVID-19

On 29–30 June, Sigrún Rawet, SIPRI’s Deputy Director, will join a virtual Lancet–Swedish Institute for Global Health Transformation (SIGHT) Commission meeting focusing on the impact of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) on the Comm

Understanding and addressing the root causes of conflicts in Central Mali—new SIPRI film

Today, SIPRI launches a new film capturing insights from international and Malian actors on the complexity of the crisis in Central Mali in an effort to understand the nature of the conflict and ways of addressing it.

SIPRI releases new map of multilateral peace operations

SIPRI is pleased to release a new map showing all multilateral peace operations active as of May 2020.

Mistra Geopolitics receives funding for second phase of research

The Mistra Geopolitics research programme, of which SIPRI is a research partner, has been awarded funding for a second phase of the programme.

Policy reactions and ways forward in Central Mali—new SIPRI film

Today, SIPRI launches a new Reflection film, capturing the reactions of key international and Malian actors to the research findings in SIPRI’s latest report on Mali, ‘The challenges of governance, development and security in the central regions of Mali’.