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SIPRI has published hundreds of books, reports, fact sheets, background papers and policy briefs since its first book appeared in 1969. Oxford University Press publishes and distributes some SIPRI publication series. Other are available to download or buy directly from SIPRI.

SIPRI publications aim to provide policymakers, researchers, the media and the interested public with reliable information, analysis and recommendations. They are peer-reviewed, use only open sources and are transparent about the sources used.

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SIPRI Yearbook

SIPRI Yearbook 2022 provides an overview of developments in international security, weapons and technology, military expenditure, arms production and the arms trade, and armed conflicts and conflict management, along with efforts to control conventional, nuclear, chemical and biological weapons.

Armament and disarmament

A Practical Guide to State Participation in the UN Report on Military Expenditures

The United Nations Report on Military Expenditures (UNMILEX) is a reporting instrument established by the UN General Assembly. Each year all UN member states can voluntarily provide data on their military expenditures to enhance multilateral transparency in military matters. In recent years fewer than 50 states on average per year have participated in the instrument. However, most states release public information on their military spending at the national level, which could directly support submissions for UNMILEX.

Conflict, peace and security

China’s Evolving Approach to Foreign Aid

China’s role in foreign aid and, more broadly, in development cooperation on the global stage has grown significantly since it began seven decades ago. Particularly in recent years, through such platforms as the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), China’s profile and engagement in global governance in foreign aid and related areas have been further enhanced.

Peace and development

Advancing European Union Action to Address Climate-related Security Risks

This SIPRI Research Policy Paper assesses the priorities of selected European Union (EU) member states regarding climate-related security risks, explores their strategies for pursuing these at EU level and identifies steps for further action. It finds that member states’ level of political commitment to tackling climate-related security risks at the EU level varies.