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Past News and Events

SIPRI to co-host 2023 Armament and Disarmament Summer School

SIPRI and the Alva Myrdal Centre for Nuclear Disarmament at Uppsala University are pleased to host the 2023 Armament and Disarmament Summer School on 21–25 August 2023. The 2023 summer school will be held in cooperation with the Odesa Center for Nonproliferation.

SIPRI co-hosts roundtable on climate, peace and security in Afghanistan

On 13 March, SIPRI and the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI) held a closed roundtable focused on climate, peace and security in Afghanistan since 2021. The event was held online.

SIPRI to co-host WMD non-proliferation and disarmament pathways online course with a focus on nuclear and aerospace engineering

SIPRI and the European Union Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Consortium (EUNPDC) are pleased to host a second installment of the intensive introductory course on the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMD), mechanisms to control their further spread and pathways to disarmament. The course will take place on 2–5 May 2023 online.

Nuclear Security During Armed Conflict: Lessons From Ukraine

This hybrid event will present the results of a research project on the topic of nuclear security during armed conflict.

SIPRI releases its Annual Review 2022

SIPRI is pleased to release its Annual Review 2022 which takes a retrospective look at the Institute’s activities, achievements, publications, commentaries, events and news.