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Past News and Events

Global food crisis: The ripple effects of the war in Ukraine on the Horn of Africa

This event will focus on the ripple effects of the war in Ukraine for the Horn of Africa, how hunger is threatening peace, stabilization and development gains in the region and how WFP works with partners to strengthen food systems and end hunger.

SIPRI hosts online workshop on naval incident management

On 28–29 September 2022, SIPRI hosted an online expert workshop on ‘Promoting a Free and Open Indo-Pacific: Naval Incident Management in Asia and Europe’.

SIPRI hosts roundtable on China’s Afghan footprint in a post-US withdrawal environment

On 22 September, SIPRI hosted an online roundtable discussion on the theme ‘China’s Afghan Footprint in a Post-US Withdrawal Environment’. The online event convened experts from Afghanistan, China and Europe to discuss and explore whether and how China might play a constructive role in a Taliban-led Afghanistan, and propose recommendations for regional, economic and political stability.

SIPRI co-hosts climate and security event in the DRC ahead of COP27

SIPRI, in collaboration with the governments of Germany and Sweden and the German Council on Foreign Relations, hosted a side event at COP27’s preparatory meeting (PRECOP27) in Kinshasa on 5 October. The event addressed the conflict situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and its links to climate security.

SIPRI and its partner organize community dialogues in Nineveh province

In September, the Al-Tahreer Association for Development, a local partner to SIPRI in Iraq, facilitated the second round of issue-based community dialogues in Nineveh province. These community dialogues—of which the first round took place in June and the third round will commence next month—focus on issues of common concern and mutual interest to different communities.