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Responsible research and innovation for peace and security

Responsible research and innovation for peace and security
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In 2018 the United Nations Secretary-General identified responsible research and innovation (RRI) in science and technology as an approach for academia, the private sector and governments to work on the mitigation of risks that are posed by new technologies.

This initiative aims to promote and operationalize RRI as a way for academia and the private sector to engage in the mitigation of humanitarian and strategic risks that may result from the development, diffusion and military use of new technologies, AI in particular.

SIPRI explores themes such as (a) what principles should guide the development and use of AI technology and how can they be implemented; (b) what risk assessment methodologies may be used to assess the negative outcome of research and innovation on international peace and security; and (c) how to support greater engagement of academia and the private sector in the pursuit of arms control objectives. SIPRI hosted a session during the 2020 Stockholm Security Conference during which it explored opportunities for responsible artificial intelligence (AI) innovation to foster international peace and security.

Research staff

Dr Vincent Boulanin is Director of the Governance of Artificial Intelligence Programme at SIPRI.
Kolja Brockmann is a Senior Researcher in the SIPRI Dual-Use and Arms Trade Control programme.