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Governance and sustainable development

Governance and sustainable development
Village council meeting in rural Africa with activists speaking to elders. Photo: Shutterstock

Today, the state bears primary responsibility for preventing conflict and establishing a path towards sustainable peace and sustainable development. Understanding the drivers and challenges to sustainable development requires a multidisciplinary focus on the interactions of economic, social, political and environmental dimensions. The research explores the challenges that prevent societal resilience, questions how social and economic inequalities can best be tackled, and investigates the mitigating risks to development.

SIPRI’s research on governance and sustainable development looks at development trajectories and sequencing challenges in governance and public sector reform. The research initiative has a strong focus on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and studies indicators and dimensions of measuring peace, justice and strong institutions through Sustainable Development Goal (SDG)16. SDG16 focuses on sustainable peace and development include challenges posed by violence, corruption, organized crime, illicit arms and financial flows, and exclusion. 

Research staff

Dr Marina Caparini is a Senior Researcher and Director of the SIPRI Governance and Society Programme.
Dr Gary Milante is the Director of Studies, Peace and Development.
Dr Dylan O’Driscoll is a Researcher in the Governance and Society Programme at SIPRI.
Dr Suyoun Jang is a Researcher with the Peace and Development Programme.
Yeonju Jung is a Research Assistant with the SIPRI Peace and Development Programme.
José Francisco Alvarado Cóbar is a Research Assistant in the SIPRI Peace and Development Programme.
Gulzhan Asylbek kyzy is a Research Assistant in the Peace and Development Programme.
Juneseo Hwang is an intern with the Peace and Development Programme at SIPRI.
Ayako Tsujisaka is an intern in the SIPRI Governance and Society Programme.
Tamara Pulita Tamara Pulita is an intern with the SIPRI Governance and Society Programme, doing research on transitional justice and guarantees of non-recurrence.