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The use of health as a tool of repression in Syria

A recent report from Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) has highlighted the brutality of the Assad regime in its continuing attemt to curb the nationwide uprising in Syria.

Animal and human health, one health approaches

The complex relationships among animal health, human health, agriculture and food security were the topic of a forum on the One Health movement in Davos.

China, HIV and the Global Fund

As ‘traditional’ donors to the Global Fund, the international organization fighting AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, cut back, it's time for emerging economies to get more involved.

From Iowa: The US elections and global health

Although the United States has not met United Nations targets in terms of Official Development Assistance spending as a percentage of gross national income, it still provides more aid than any other country. This could change after the US election.

Making Health and Development Policy in a Ski Resort

Why do world leaders meet in the luxurious setting of Davos to discuss important economic issues—including many relating to health and development?

Science versus security: whoever wins loses

Adam Kamradt-Scott

How much freedom do we allow scientists to have when playing with the world’s most deadly viruses?

AIDS in a time of Austerity

The Global Fund, the huge international organization that fights AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, will not give out funding until 2014, as donor countries reduce their contributions due to the economic crisis.

Flying between ministerial conferences

The Commonwealth provides a useful forum for diplomacy, particularly with regards to health and international aid.

On non-communicable diseases and security

The United Nations General Assembly recently held a high-level meeting on the Prevention and Control of Non-communicable diseases—only the second time that a General Assembly has held a meeting on health.