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Appendix 3A. Multilateral peace missions in 2006

Page 130, figure 3A.1

In the graph of total personnel deployed to peace missions, the
bar for 2003 should be shorter, showing approximately 107 000 troops.


Chapter 9. Arms production

Page 360, table 9.4

For 'Total, top 10      61.42' read 'Total, top 10      65.71'.


Chapter 12. Nuclear arms control and non-proliferation

Page 486, line 13

For 'Mohamad ElBaradei' read 'Mohamed ElBaradei'.


Appendix 12A. World nuclear forces, 2007

Page 524, table 12A.3

Under the heading SLBMs, the number of warheads on RSM-50 missiles should read '240', not '252'. The subtotal for SLBMs should thus read '624', not '636'. The subtotal of SLBMs deployed should read '176', not '180'. No other figures are affected.


Chapter 13. Chemical and biological weapon developments and arms control

Page 590, line 10

For 'In Germany a third CWDF began operation' read 'In Germany a third destruction unit began operation'.

Page 592, lines 13-15

For 'was also published (together with Wendy Orent) by Igor Domaradskiy, a scientist who worked in the system in Soviet times' read 'was published by Critical Reviews in Microbiology'. Domaradskiy published (with Orent) a separate report (see footnote 89).


Chapter 15. Controls on security-related international transfers

Page 652, footnote 49

For '16 Oct. 2005' read '16 Oct. 2006'