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SIPRI Yearbook 2003

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Oxford University Press

Armaments, Disarmament and International Security

‘One of the several paradoxical aspects of the mass killings of 11 September 2001 has been that, while brutally demonstrating the reality of an interconnected world, they have bred policy perceptions and agendas which risk becoming increasingly West-centric.’


‘The debate about whether the USA can be expected to act as an absolutist and unilateralist, or a lawful and cooperative hegemon is one that agitates the USA’s friends much more than its potential foes.’


‘Conflating might and right is a safe strategy only for a state that can be sure of its current supremacy in all dimensions and of keeping that supremacy indefinitely.’


From the Introduction by SIPRI Director Alyson J. K. Bailes.

The 34th edition of the SIPRI Yearbook analyses developments in 2002 in

  • Security and conflicts
  • Military spending and armaments
  • Non-proliferation, arms control and disarmament

with annexes on arms control and disarmament agreements and a chronology of security- and arms control-related events.