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SIPRI Yearbook 1986

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The SIPRI Yearbook 1986 continues SIPRI's analyses of the world arms races, based on annual series of data on the nuclear weapons possessed and planned by the major powers, on world military spending and R&D expenditure, the arms trade, chemical and biological weapons and the military use of outer space. Efforts to control the arms race are described, and the status of negotiations is analysed.


In addition to regular features and statistics, there are chapters on public opinion on peace and war, on space weapons and the US Strategic Defense Initiative, on a comprehensive test ban, on strategic computing, on emerging technology, on SDI and international research co-operation and on security assistance to Central America. There are also special studies on Chinese nuclear weapons, on the US defence budget, and on Soviet military expenditure. In the field of arms control, the Stockholm and Vienna negotiations are described, the third review of the NPT is analysed, and the initiatives taken in the South Pacific and Central American regions are treated fully.



Part I. Introduction

1. Introduction

Frank Blackaby

2. Public opinion on peace and war

Eymert Den Oudsten


Part II. Nuclear and space weapons

3. Nuclear weapons

William M. Arkin, Andrew S. Burrows, Thomas B. Cochran, Allan M. Din, Richard W. Fieldhouse, Robert S. Norris and Jeffrey I. Sands

4. Space weapons and security

Frank Blackaby

5. Chinese nuclear weapons: an overview

Richard W. Fieldhouse

6. A comprehensive test ban and nuclear explosions in 1985

Frank Blackaby and Ragnhild Ferm

Appendix 6A. Nuclear explosions, 1945–85

7. The military use of outer space

Bhupendra Jasani

Appendix 7A. Tables of satellites launched in 1985


Part III. CBW and new military technology

8. Chemical and biological warfare: developments in 1985

J. P. Perry Robinson

9. Strategic computing

Allan M. Din

10. Emerging technology

Gunilla Herolf


Part IV. Military expenditure and the arms trade

11. World military expenditure

Rita Tullberg

Appendix 11A. Tables of world military expenditure, 1976–85

12. The US defence budget

Jeffrey Colman and Gordon Adams

13. Soviet military expenditure and the Soviet defence burden

Carl G. Jacobsen

14. The SDI programme and international research co-operation

Elisabeth Sköns

15. Military research and development expenditure

Mary Acland-Hood

16. Security assistance: the case of Central America

Rita Tullberg and Victor Millán

17. The trade in major conventional weapons

Michael Brzoska and Thomas Ohlson

Appendix 17A. Aggregate tables of the value of the trade in major weapons with the Third World, 1966–85

Appendix 17B. Register of the trade in major conventional weapons with industrialized and Third World countries, 1985

Appendix 17C. Register of licensed production of major conventional weapons in industrialized and Third World countries, 1985

Appendix 17D. Criteria, values and conventions


Part V. Developments in arms control

18. The building of confidence and security at the negotiations in Stockholm and Vienna

Sverre Lodgaard

19. Multilateral arms control efforts

Jozef Goldblat

20. The third review of the Non-Proliferation Treaty

Jozef Goldblat

Appendix 20A. Final Declaration of the third Review Conference of the NPT

Appendix 20B. Nuclear plants under construction or operating in the developing countries outside Europe (power and research reactors and significant fuel facilities)

21. The South Pacific nuclear-free zone

Greg E. Fry

Appendix 21A. The South Pacific Nuclear Free Zone

Appendix 21B. Comparison of arms control commitments in the Treaty of Rarotonga and the Treaty of Tlateloco

Jozef Goldblat and Sverre Lodgaard

22. The Central American crisis and the Contadora search for regional security

Jozef Goldblat and Victor Millán

23. Arms control agreements

Jozef Goldblat and Ragnhild Ferm

Appendix 23A. Status of the implementation of the major multilateral arms control agreements, as of 1 January 1986

Appendix 23B. UN member states and year of membership

24. Chronology

Jozef Goldblat and Ragnhild Ferm