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SIPRI Yearbook 1978

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The SIPRI Yearbook 1978 concentrates on new topics, in three areas:

  • 1977, developments of the year: Developments in armaments and disarmament, the nuclear fuel cycle, the military impact on the human environment, and the arms race in space
  • Developments in world armaments: World military expenditure, arms production, and arms trade in 1977
  • Developments in arms control and disarmament: Disarmament and development, a comprehensive test ban, the destruction of chemical warfare agents, the prohibition of new weapons, mutual force reductions in Europe, the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks, and developments in arms control and disarmament



Part I. 1977, Developments of the Year

1. Recent developments in armaments and disarmament

Frank Barnaby and Carl-Magnus Hyltenius

2. The nuclear fuel cycle and nuclear proliferation

Sverre Lodgaard

Appendix 2A. Nuclear-export guidelines of the London Club

3. The military impact on the human environment

Arthur Westing

4. Military satellites

Bhupendra Jasani

5. The arms race in space

Owen Wilkes


Part II. Developments in World Armaments

6. Military expenditure

Richard Booth and Milton Leitenberg

Appendix 6A. World military expenditure, 1977

Richard Booth

7. World arms production

Bhupendra Jasani

Appendix 7A. Registers of indigenous and licensed production of major weapons in industrialized countries, 1977

Bhupendra Jasani

Appendix 7B. Registers of indigenous and licensed production of major weapons in Third World countries, 1977

Bhupendra Jasani

8. The trends in the arms trade with the Third World

Signe Landgren-Bäckström

Appendix 8A. Register of the arms trade with Third World countries, 1977

Signe Landgren-Bäckström

9. Sources and methods for the world armaments data


Part III. Developments in Arms Control and Disarmament

10. Disarmament and development

Ronald Huisken

11. The comprehensive test ban

Andrzej Karkoszka

12. The destruction of chemical warfare agents

Karlheinz Lohs

13. The prohibition of new weapons

Jozef Goldblat

Appendix 13A. Convention on the prohibition of military or any other hostile use of environmental modification techniques

14. Mutual force reductions: status and prospects

Joseph Coffey

Appendix 14A. NATO and WTO proposals for mutual force reductions, 1973-77

Joseph Coffey

Appendix 14B. NATO and WTO nuclear weapons and delivery vehicles deployed in Europe, 1977

Andrzej Karkoszka

15. The strategic arms limitation talks

Frank Barnaby

16. Developments in arms control and disarmament

Jozef Goldblat