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SIPRI Yearbook 1976

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Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, Stockholm

Almqvist & Wiksell International, Stockholm
MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, and London


The SIPRI Yearbook 1976 concentrates on new topics, in three areas:

  • 1975, the year in review: Conflict, the arms build-up in the Middle East, environmental and ecological warfare, and reconnaissance satellites
  • Developments in world armaments: World military expenditure, arms production, and arms trade in 1975
  • Developments in arms control and disarmament: Disarmament negotiations in 1975, the implementation of agreements related to disarmament, and a chronology of major events related to disarmament issues in 1975



Part I. 1975, The Year in Review

1. The main events of the year

Appendix 1A. US and Soviet strategic nuclear forces, 1967–76

Appendix 1B. The spread of nuclear power

2. Conflict

3. The arms build-up in the Middle East

4. Environmental and ecological warfare

Appendix 4A. Weather processes

Appendix 4B. Human ecology

Appendix 4C. Military use of raw materials

5. Reconnaissance satellites


Part II. Developments in World Armaments

6. World armaments, 1975

Appendix 6A. World military expenditure, 1975

Appendix 6B. Registers of indigenous and licensed production of major weapons in industrialized countries, 1975

Appendix 6C. Register of arms trade to industrialized countries, 1975

Appendix 6D. Chronology of indigenous combat aircraft, missiles and warships made operational in the USA, the USSR, the UK and France, 1946–1975

Appendix 6E. Registers of indigenous and licensed production of major weapons in third world countries, 1975

Appendix 6F. Register of arms trade to third world countries, 1975

7. Sources and methods for world armaments data


Part III. Developments in Arms Control and Disarmament

8. Disarmament negotiations in 1975

Appendix 8A. UN General Assembly resolutions on disarmament and related matters

Appendix 8B. Draft treaty on the complete and general prohibition of nuclear-weapon tests, submitted on 23 September 1975 by the Soviet Union to the UN General Assembly

Appendix 8C. Working paper with suggestions as to possible provisions of a treaty banning underground nuclear weapon tests, submitted on 2 September 1971 by Sweden to the Geneva Disarmament Conference

Appendix 8D. Document on confidence-building measures and certain aspects of security and disarmament, included in the Final Act of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe, 1 August 1975

9. The implementation of agreements related to disarmament

Appendix 9A. Final declaration of the Review Conference of the parties to the Treaty on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, 30 May 1975

Appendix 9B. Preliminary list of announced and presumed nuclear explosions in 1975

Appendix 9C. Nuclear explosions, 1945&38211;75 (announced and presumed)

Appendix 9D. Bilateral arms control agreements between the USA and the USSR, as of 31 December 1975

Appendix 9E. Multilateral agreements related to disarmament, as of 31 December 1975

Appendix 9F. Status of the implementation of the Geneva Protocol of 17 June 1925, for the prohibition of the use in war of asphyxiating, poisonous and other gases, and of bacteriological methods of warfare, as of 31 December 1975

Appendix 9G. Notifications of military manoeuvres in Europe, as of February 1976

10. Chronology of major events concerning disarmament and related issues