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Appendix 2A. Patterns of major armed conflicts, 1997–2006


I. Global patterns

II. Regional patterns

III. Changes in the table of conflicts for 2006


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In 2006 there were 17 major armed conflicts in 16 locations, with the same conflicts active as in 2005. No interstate conflicts were active and Asia was for the third year the region with the highest number of conflicts. In the period 1997–2006, there were 34 different major armed conflicts. There has been a decline in the total annual number of conflicts since 1999.


Lotta Harbom (Sweden) is a Research Assistant with the Uppsala Conflict Data Program at the Department of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala University.

Professor Peter Wallensteen (Sweden) is Dag Hammarskjöld Chair in Peace and Conflict Research at Uppsala University, where he directs the Uppsala Conflict Data Program, and Richard G. Starmann Sr Research Professor of Peace Studies at the University of Notre Dame.