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New publications from the EU Non-Proliferation Consortium

The  European Union Non-Proliferation Consortium (EUNPC) is a network of foreign policy institutions and research centres from across the EU engaged in political and security-related dialogue and discussion of measures to combat the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and their delivery systems.

The EUNPC is managed jointly by SIPRI, the Fondation pour la recherche stratégique in Paris, the Peace Research Institute in Frankfurt (HSFK/ PRIF) and the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) in London. The Consortium work through the organization of expert meetings and international conferences, through the development of a dedicated website. 

The Consortium also produces a family of publications. A total of 40 so-called Non-proliferation Papers have now been published, including 13 by SIPRI researchers. The latest paper, by SIPRI Researcher Lina Grip, is entitled 'The European Union's weapons of mass destruction non-proliferation clause: a 10-year assessment'.

Other papers in the series have covered a diverse range of topics, including nuclear trafficking issues in the Black Sea region, Iran's nuclear propensity, the European Union and space, exports of dual-use chemicals to Syria, effective embargo enforcement, Pakistan's nuclear and WMD programmes, intangible transfers of technology and many more.

Contact Lina Grip, SIPRI Project Coordinator and Researcher for the EU Non-Proliferation Consortium, for more information.