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New video on conflict and technology: Now and in the future

Conflict and Technology: Now and in the future
Conflict and Technology: Now and in the future

On 3 October 2019, SIPRI hosted the fourth Stockholm Security Conference on the theme ‘Conflict and technology: Now and in the future’. The conference was organized in partnership with Crisis Management Initiative, Mercy Corps, MSB – Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency and the Munich Security Conference.

The 2019 Stockholm Security Conference considered trends in the field, investigated to what extent rapid technological developments are shaping conflict and discussed what this means for dealing with conflicts today and in the future. Where these changes are currently taking place and who is being impacted by technology in conflict, was also discussed at length.

This short film showcases a number of voices from the conference in 2019.



About the conference

The event provides a setting for discussion between leading experts and representatives from the political, military, academic, business and civil society communities to explore multiple dimensions of security in the world. Gathering these communities at the Stockholm Security Conference in 2019 allowed for joint examination of conflict through the lens of technology, enabling a wide range of problems and possible solutions to come to the fore.