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Noah Bell

Project Assistant

Noah Bell

Noah Bell

Noah Bell is a Project Assistant for SIPRI’s Environment of Peace initiative, focusing on the report’s launch at the Stockholm Forum on Peace and Development as well as regional launches. He previously contributed to the project as a Research Assistant - focusing on just transitions and the geopolitical ramifications of decarbonisation.

Before joining SIPRI, Noah completed a Master of Political Science in Gothenburg. Additionally, in 2019, he authored the then-largest ePetition to the Australian House of Representatives, calling on the House to declare a climate emergency. He coordinated its tabling in the House with members of the crossbench.

Subject expertise

International Relations, Foreign Policy, Democracy, Cyberwar

Regional expertise

Global, Australia

English, Swedish

MSc. Political Science, University of Gothenburg; BA. International and Global Studies, Government and International Relations, University of Sydney

United Kingdom