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Peace operations and conflict management

Indian Formed Police Unit participate in a medal parade, 2008.
Indian Formed Police Unit participate in a medal parade, 2008. Photo: Christopher Herwig / UN Photo

Peace operations and conflict management have been core elements of SIPRI’s work since the end of the cold war. Currently, SIPRI's work within peace operations and conflict management consists of three main pillars: (a) peace operations data and trends; (b) the future of peace operations in the New Geopolitics of Peace Operations Initiative; and (c) gender and peace operations and conflict management. In addition, based on its many years of experience, SIPRI has taken on many evaluation and 'lessons learned' studies, as well as consultancies regarding topical peace operations issues.


Number of multilateral peace operations by type of conducting organization, 2011-20

SIPRI collects statistics on all ongoing multilateral peace operations in order to identify and analyse important developments and trends in this area.

New geopolitics of peace operations: Non-traditional security challenges

The initiative aims to enhance understanding about UN and non-UN peace operations and their role in dealing with non-traditional security challenges.

Police in multilateral peace operations

SIPRI conducts applied research on various dimensions and dynamics of police in peace operations.