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Middle East conflict risks overspill into the Caucasus

Dr Neil John Melvin

The South Caucasus have a long history of violence and militarization, which coule be made worse by the conflict in Syria.

European security. Crisis? What crisis?

Dan Smith

The tone of this year’s Munich Security Conference was captured by the Munich Security Report’s theme: ‘Boundless chaos, reckless spoilers, helpless guardians.’

Syria: another round of peace talks

Dan Smith

The prospects of the Geneva III peace talks don't look good, but that doesn't mean they are a waste of time.

From the War on Terror to War on ISIS

Dan Smith and Manjana Pecht

What tactics—military and non-military—can be used to fight this new war.

Food insecurity: strategic incentives for integrated action

Jiayi Zhou

With estimates that food demand will rise by 50% by 2050, the challenge in eradiciating world hunger (the second Sustainable Development Goal) is substantial.

Otherness and the power of exclusion

Kate Sullivan

Exclusion manifests itself in peaceful, tolerant societies with important implications for our collective security.

The Tunisian spring and the Nobel Peace prize

Dan Smith

The new Nobel laureates, the National Dialogue Quartet, are an important part of the reason why Tunisia has managed to bring about political change after the 'Arab Spring' relatively peacefully.

Syria: grasping the nettle of negotiation

Dan Smith

Just as the possibility of talks of some kind with Assad now seems less outlandish to many than it did two years ago, so things may change with ISIS.

What are NATO Special Forces doing in Kunduz?

Dr Ian Davis

The Taliban’s incursion into Kunduz, barely nine months after the NATO combat mission was supposed to have ended, raises troubling questions over the capacity of Afghan forces to provide security on their own.

Refugees: links in the chain of disaster and response

Dan Smith

The hard-fought battle for the EU to accept and share responsibility for 120,000 reguees is not enough.