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65 years of military spending: Trends in SIPRI's new data

Dr Sam Perlo-Freeman

As SIPRI launches its new extended military expenditure data, this blog post looks at longer-term regional trends in military spending.

When all bets are off

Dan Smith

Love or loathe the US election result, it feels like all bets are off. Of a few things, however, we can be sure: facts matter, dialogue works and tolerance heals.

Conflict and the long-lasting impact on child health

Dr Anastasia Aladysheva

Evidence shows that conflicts have a long-lasting negative impact on the health outcomes of a population. The high rates of fatalities from conflict in Africa during the post-colonial period correlate with negative health effects in children in these countries.

China and (world) food security

Jiayi Zhou

China has seen dramatic domestic growth in agricultural production, but now it must navigate the pressures of a growing food demand and the negative effects of climate change.

Is there hope for nuclear disarmament?

Vitaly Fedchenko

On International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons, how close is the world to achieving nuclear disarmament?

Whither peace?

Dan Smith

Today is the UN International Day of Peace and it comes at a time when many people seem to feel peace is taking a horrible worldwide kicking. Is it so bad?

If you can read this, you probably don't live in a dangerous place

Dr Suyoun Jang and Dr Gary Milante

Today marks the 50th anniversary of International Literacy Day. Despite major attention from the international community, literacy lags in some areas of the world, especially among women and especially in dangerous places.

Prometheus-bound: an end to nuclear explosive tests

Tariq Rauf

After over 2,000 nuclear tests by 9 states, the world has still not agreed to a total ban on nuclear tests. Recent moves by Israel and the USA suggest we might be getting nearer.

Brexit: Bad news for peace

Dan Smith and Dr Ian Davis

Amidst all the current political and economic uncertainty from the UK vote to leave the EU one thing is clear: Brexit is bad news for peace.

Decreasing violence in the North Caucasus: Is an end to the regional conflict in sight?

Ekaterina Klimenko and Dr Neil John Melvin

Violence in the North Caucasus has decreased dramatically in the last few years, largely due to a growing number of fighters leaving the North Caucasus for Syria.