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Elena Haapaniemi

Personal Assistant to the Director

Elena Haapaniemi

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Elena Haapaniemi was Personal Assistant to the Director. She worked for over ten years with the International Committee of the Red Cross as a legal advisor and a field delegate. She has worked and lived in Western and Eastern Europe, Southern and Northern Caucasus, Central Asia, former Yugoslavia, Latin America and Africa. 

Her most recent post (2013–18) was in the Swedish Central Authority for international legal cooperation in civil, administrative and criminal matters. Between 2011–13 she was a member of the Barents Secretariat to support Swedish Chairmanship in the Barents Regional Council and Committee.

Subject expertise

International Law, International Humanitarian Law and International Human Rights Law, armed conflicts, protection in armed conflicts, humanitarian operations, security and safety in the field, International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, international legal cooperation, European Judicial Network

Regional expertise

Colombia, Sudan, former Yugoslavia, CIS countries, Barents region

English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish

Degree in International Public Law from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations